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Canvas Pt. I

Isa Briones

she never took her shirt off

she listed her excuses

like, “I don’t want a sunburn”

or “because my religion refuses”


the truth was something deeper

even she couldn’t understand

“why did I yank my arm back

when he tried to hold my hand”

she began to lift her shirt up

trembling in the mirror

she inched the fabric upward

the reason becoming clearer

her torso wasn’t blistered

or covered in God’s name

instead, a canvas of footprints

a board for someone else’s game

it wasn’t her personal property

no lease was in her name

it wasn’t hers to cherish

instead, a public domain

is this the way it should be?

her ownership a crime

she’s cast away opinions

the “your running out of time”s

her clock is set to daylight

ticking a unique beat

the hours hers to count on

the footprints from her feet

-isa briones


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